Professional Platforms and Solutions Cyber AB CMMC Readiness Platform (CRT) ** Available to Active RPOs **

Access CRT Platform

The Cyber AB CRT (CMMC Readiness Tool), is provided as a member beenfit for use by a Registered Provider Organization (RPO), offers efficenceis to both manage and streamline the CMMC readiness process for an OSC engagement. Having access to the most up-to-date and current CMMC framework information is one of its most significant advantages.


  • CRT is a secure SaaS platform accessed from the Cyber AB portal
  • Built by a team of cybersecurity consultant, engineering and management experts
  • Delivered through an enablement platform designed and built to proactively manage and report on cyber risk
  • Enhanced by patent pending processes and powerful quantification modeling overlays
  • Manage a clients’ CMMC compliance efforts with a simple and comprehensive platform that is capable of injesting prior spreadsheet risk data and reporting in predefined CMMC compliant formats

The platform provides a simple effective way for RPO organizations to walk through a readiness engagement with a client, either following their own methodology or using the prescribed templates. The platform automatically generates dashboards, documents and reports which follow the required CMMC standards. Some of these key outputs include as POA&Ms (Plans of Action & Milestones), SSPs (System Security Plans), SPRS scores, prioritized lists of risks, and other similar views, thereby signficantly reducing report generation time and effort.

The standardization and validation of delivery templates by the Cyber AB within the platform provides credibility to the readiness assessment process. It assists RPOs in assuring their clients of the accuracy and quality of the results and toward the recommendations provided.

The platform's benefits extend beyond compliance management. It enables RPOs to deliver CMMC readiness assessments "out of the box", streamlining the assessment process and saving valuable time and resources, ensuring deliverable consistency across consulting and advisory resources. RPOs can establish a comprehensive priorized lists of risks through the CRT Risk Register providing their clients with vital insights for well-informed risk decisions. The platform recommends prioritized remediation steps, enabling RPOs to proactively address potential vulnerabilities, and help OSCs achieve an optimal level of preparedness for CMMC certification.

Leveraging the Cyber AB CRT platform benefit, RPOs can significantly increase the number and quality of assessments per resource or consultant. This not only translates to a higher client engagement satisfaction rate but also builds industry confidence, credibility and scale aligned with the demands of the ecosystem.

Should the RPO decide to provide ongoing managed services to help track and manage compliance over time, or remediation, the platform can optionally be upgraded to provide services such as third-party risk management, policy management public maturity management and incident response management. The upgrade is an addtional feature of service and not covered under the limited licnese provided in the RPO membership.



Getting Started

Only Cyber AB registered and authorized users can access the platform. Once registered, an RPO must assure proper affiliations and practioner assignments in the dashboard affliations area are configured and maintained. Click on action button above and you will be redirected to the Cyber AB CRT platform.

Platform Limited Use

The Cyber AB CMMC cybersecurity assessment readiness platform offers a purpose-built and efficient solution for Registered Provider Organizations (RPOs). With platform access, training guides, templates and up to five (5) clients' readiness assessment engagements included at no addtional charge with an active annual membership, the platform encourages RPOs to prioritize quality over quantity, enabling them to focus on delivering comprehensive and personalized assessments to a select group of OSC clients. The emphasis on point-in-time readiness evaluations and customized recommendations fosters a strong sense of urgency for organizations to address cybersecurity gaps promptly, promoting swift action and continuous improvement.

Limiting platform access to authorized RPOs enhances the consistency and quality of deliverables; assuring only trained and vetted professional orgnizations have access to conduct a readiness engenemt.

Platform Best Practices

The Cyber AB CRT readiness assessment platform offers a powerful and time-saving feature that allows Registered Provider Organizations (RPOs) to import spreadsheet data from previous assessment, consultative and similar engagement work. This infomration may include prior work such as past compliance evaluations, POA&Ms, SSPs and risk registers. The tool then provides the ability to easily update, augment and complete this existing data with new and up-to-date information, as well as update evidence and documentation, ensuring that the CMMC compliance readiness report reflects the current state of the organization's cybersecurity posture accurately.

Once the data augmentation is complete, the Cyber AB CRT platform enables RPOs to generate standard documentation such as an SSP (System Security Plans), a POA&Ms (Plans of Action and Milestones) or even customized compliance readiness reports effortlessly. RPOs can select the specific information they want to include in the reports, tailoring them to suit the unique requirements of their clients. Whether they are for internal use, client presentations, or regulatory purposes, the platform provides flexible export options for the reports, ensuring they can be easily shared and communicated.

This platofrm feature combination of data import, augmentation, and customizable reporting elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of the readiness assessment process for RPOs that wish to leverage this benefit. It empowers them to provide clients with comprehensive and up-to-date CMMC compliance readiness insights, saving time, reducing errors, and ultimately enhancing the quality of their prepatory CMMC consultaive services.