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To gain access to all the CSF+ materials and assets, including the framework, guidelines, standards, and the Cybersurity Maturity Index (CMI) score measurement system, simply click on the button below. By doing so, you can initiate your journey with CSF+ and start leveraging its resources to assess and enhance your organization's cybersecurity posture.

Take advantage of this opportunity to tap into the comprehensive toolkit offered by CSF+ and empower yourself or your organization to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape effectively. With CSF+, you'll have the necessary tools and guidance to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize cybersecurity investments, and strengthen your resilience against emerging threats.

Click the button now to gain access and embark on your CSF+ journey.

Please note that when implementing CSF+, it is imperative to leverage authorized resources such as Registered Provider Organizations (RPOs) and Certified Third-Party Assessment Organizations (C3PAOs) to perform assessments. Similar to the CMMC model, CSF+ assessments require the expertise and knowledge of professionals who understand the framework intricacies and are invested in its successful implementation.

RPOs and C3PAOs play a crucial role in assisting organizations seeking CSF+ certification. These professional orgnizations possess resources in-depth knowledge of CSF+ and are trained, vetted and equipped with the necessary skills to guide organizations through the implementation and assessment processes. Their experience and expertise are invaluable in preparing defense contractors for CSF+ implementation and eventual readiness for a CSF+ Assessment. These professionals offer guidance and support in aligning organizational practices with CSF+ requirements, addressing any gaps, and implementing robust cybersecurity measures. Their involvement ensures that organizations are well-prepared for the assessment phase and have the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve CSF+ certification.

Furthermore, RPOs and C3PAOs bring credibility to the CSF+ assessment process. Their status as authorized entities lends assurance to stakeholders, clients, and partners that the assessments are conducted with industry-recognized standards and best practices. Engaging authorized resources establishes a level of trust and reliability, enhancing the value and recognition of the CSF+ certification obtained.


Price Schedule

Active Term
Renewal Terms
Special Limitation
OSC/Entity (direct use)
Immediate Online Access
1 year, must renew annually
Per Entity Use
Service Provider (indirect use)
Immediate Online Access
1 year, must renew annually
Each End User/Entity assessed will also require active license
CSF+ Certification and Registration
Approximately 3 weeks, including background check
$2,000 Application
3 year, must renew at anniversary
Must attain CSF+ certifcation from an authorized C3PAO

*All fees are inclusive of application processing and membership registration which are non-refundable (please see Refund Policy). Schedule does not include any training, testing or examination fees.

Access to CSF+ requires completing several agreements to acknowledge understanding of the terms of use and access to intellectual property. The program holds all rights, title, and interest to the content, information, data, designs, code, and materials associated with CSF+ that are protected by intellectual property and other laws. Users must comply with these terms and all applicable laws, including copyright, trademark, and other legal notices and restrictions.

Additionally, users must review and comply with the program's Privacy Policy, which outlines the program's practices regarding user data and its use in compliance with the policy. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password and must promptly notify the program in case of unauthorized access.

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All users must agree to use CSF+ in compliance with the acceptable use policy. The program reserves the right to deny permission to link to the services and users must promptly edit or delete links upon request. Users are prohibited from using the services in certain ways without prior written permission.

To gain access to CSF+ materials and assets, users must complete the necessary agreements, including acknowledging the terms of use, privacy policy, and acceptable use policy, and successfully complete the required payment as per the Pricing Schedule.

CSF+ Materials and Toolkit

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The CSF+ Individual/Organization Toolkit is designed for direct use by individuals or organizations seeking to assess and improve their cybersecurity posture using the CSF+ framework. This comprehensive toolkit includes essential assets such as the CSF+ framework, guidelines, standards, and the Cybersurity Maturity Index (CMI) score measurement system. With these resources, users can evaluate their organization's cybersecurity maturity, identify gaps, and implement targeted measures to enhance their security defenses. The toolkit provides step-by-step guidance, templates, and best practices to assist users in effectively leveraging CSF+ and improving their overall cybersecurity resilience.

CSF+ Service Provider License

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The CSF+ Third-Party Service Provider License is tailored for third-party service providers looking to utilize CSF+ assets and provide cybersecurity services to direct users. This license grants authorized service providers access to the CSF+ framework, guidelines, standards, and CMI score measurement system for their service offerings. By obtaining this license, service providers can align their services with the recognized CSF+ methodology and provide clients with comprehensive cybersecurity assessments, recommendations, and ongoing support. This license ensures that third-party service providers have the necessary resources and rights to effectively utilize CSF+ assets in their service delivery, bringing added value to their clients.

CSF+ Certification and Registration

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CSF+ Digital Certification Registration is intended for organizations that have successfully passed a third-party assessment using CSF+ assets and have achieved a high level of cybersecurity maturity. Upon meeting the rigorous evaluation criteria, organizations can register for CSF+ Digital Certification, attesting to their cybersecurity capabilities and commitment to industry-leading standards. The digital certification serves as a valuable reference for organizations, showcasing their achievement and demonstrating their dedication to robust cybersecurity practices. This certification provides assurance to stakeholders, partners, and clients, enhancing the organization's reputation and competitiveness in the market. It signifies that the organization has met the stringent requirements set forth by CSF+ and is recognized for its strong cybersecurity posture.