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Ecosystem ProfessionsInstruction and Training

CMMC Instructors

Within the CMMC ecosystem the training community is a vital part of facilitating the creation of expertly trained and certified assessors who will work on the CMMC Third-Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO) assessment teams. Assessors obtain their rigorous instruction from Licensed Training Providers (LTPs) prior to pursuing their high-stakes examination(s) to obtain their certification status and before starting to participate on assessments.

Whereas, instructors are individuals who deliver training and must undertake a series of training and pass certification themselves to qualify to become instructors.

To maintain their status a Licensed Training Partner (LTP), an LTP must deliver at least one certified class per year, certified classes must use CAICO Approved Training Material (CATM), Certified Classes must be taught or facilitated by CAICO Certified Instructors.


Requirements Grid

Registration Duration
Renewal Term
Certified CMMC Instructor (CCI) (coming soon) currently Provisional Instructor (PI)
Approximately 3 weeks
$3,500 Application Training and Testing
1 year, must renew annually
Review CMMC Instructor certification requirements
Licensed Training Provider (LTP)
Approximately 2 weeks, including DUNS check
$6,000 Application
$5,000 Annual renewal fee
Licensed Publishing Partner (LPP)
Approximately 2 weeks, including DUNS check
$6,000 Application
$5,000 Annual renewal fee

*All fees are inclusive of application processing and membership registration which are non-refundable (please see Refund Policy). Schedule does not include any training, testing or examination fees.

Upon successful completion of the process, all candidates will be presented with additional information to include the authorized use of digital credentials in business materials, listing in the CMMC Central Marketplace and access to the Cyber AB’s community updates.

Certified CMMC Instructor (CCI)

(Coming Soon) currently Provisional Instructor (PI)

an individual

CCI Enroll Here

A CCI is an individual is responsible for teaching the CMMC framework to candidates seeking to be an assessor. Currently CMMC instructors (PIs) are trained and tested by the CAICO. As a CMMC instructor the individual must be working for either an LPP or LTP. Working with an LPP the instructor would be the CMMC subject matter expert assisting in the development of the CATM curriculum. As an CMMC instructor working for an LTP, the individual would be assisting in the development and delivery of CMMC certification classes/courses utilizing CATM curriculum. Click on CCI Enroll Here to learn more about the Provisional Instructor program.


Licensed Training Provider (LTP)

an organization

LTP Enroll Here

A Licensed Training Provider (LTP) is an established training organization that has been vetted by the CAICO to be approved as an LTP. These training companies, utilizing CMMC-AB certified instructors, are responsible for developing and delivering the CMMC certification courses that has been created utilizing the approved LPPs content.


Licensed Publishing Partner (LPP)

an organization

LPP Enroll Here

An LPP is responsible for creating quality CMMC training content that is utilized by Licensed Training Providers (LTPs) to train individuals who are pursuing assessor or assessor instructor certifications. LPPs are required to follow the direction of the CAICO training department, as they must develop curriculum that aligns to the certification exam objectives blueprint. The DoD has initially restricted the number of LPPs in the ecosystem to a maximum of twenty (20).


Want to become a Member?

Membership into the Cyber AB community, and visibility within the CMMC marketplace, is reserved for those organizations and individuals which successfully complete and pass their respective application and onboarding process, which includes formal review and authorization by the Cyber AB.

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